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    The Osho Upanishad

    The Osho Upanishad


    The mystery school: an encounter with the miraculous
    16 August 1986 pm in

    Question 1


    My beloved ones...
    You are blessed to be here today, because we are starting a new series of talks between the master
    and the disciple.

    It is not only a birth of a new book, it is also a declaration of a new phase. Today, this moment: 7:00
    pm, Saturday, the sixteenth of August of the year 1986 – one day this moment will be remembered
    as a historical moment, and you are blessed because you are participating in it. You are creating it;
    without you it cannot happen.
    Books can be written, can be dictated to a machine, but what I am going to start is totally different.
    It is an UPANISHAD.

    Long forgotten, one of the most beautiful words in any language, a very living word, ‘upanishad’
    means sitting at the feet of the master. It says nothing more: just to be in the presence of the
    master, just to allow him to take you in, in his own light, in his own blissfulness, in his own world.
    And that’s exactly the work of a mystery school.

    The master has got it. The disciple also has got it, but the master knows and the disciple is fast

    The whole work of a mystery school is in how to bring consciousness to the disciple, how to wake
    him up, how to allow him to be himself, because the whole world is trying to make him somebody

    There, nobody is interested in you, in your potential, in your reality, in your being. Everybody has his
    own vested interest, even those who love you. Don’t be angry at them; they are as much victims as
    you are. They are as unconscious as you are. They think what they are doing is love; what they are
    really doing is destructive. And love can never be destructive.

    Either love is or is not. But love brings with it all possibilities of creativity, all dimensions of creativity.

    It brings with it freedom, and the greatest freedom in the world is that a person should be allowed to
    be himself.

    But neither the parents nor the neighbors nor the educational system nor the church nor the political
    leadership – nobody wants you to be yourself because that is the most dangerous thing for them.
    People who are themselves cannot be enslaved. They have tasted freedom, you cannot drag them
    back into slavery.

    So it is better not to allow them to taste freedom, their own being, their potential, their possibility,
    their future, their genius. Their whole life they will grope in darkness, asking for guidance from other
    blind people, asking for answers from those who know nothing about existence, who know nothing
    about themselves. But they are pretenders – they are called leaders, preachers, saints, mahatmas.
    They themselves don’t know who they are.

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