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    The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline)

    The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline)


    1 August 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Anand means bliss, blissfulness, and buddha means the awakened state of consciousness – the
    utterly awakened state when there is no more any unconscious desire, when there is no dark corner
    left, when all is consciousness within... when the conscious goes on spreading, spreading, and
    takes over the whole territory of the unconscious.

    Just a very minute part is conscious now, just a small potential; it is small, but it is very potential. It is
    like a small lamp, but it is more potential than the whole darkness of the whole universe because the
    darkness is impotent, the darkness cannot win over it. Howsoever long it takes for the light to win,
    the final victory is with the light, because light is and darkness is not. Darkness is just the absence
    of light; it does not exist in its own right. It has no positive being, it is just the absence.

    Absence cannot win, only the presence can win – but darkness is vast. It is big, it is huge, its very
    hugeness creates fear; and the still, small voice of the conscious is just a small ray in the dark night
    of the soul. But it has the possibility of a seed. Yes, the seed is small, but it carries tremendous
    possibilities. Once it starts exploding its being then nothing can prevent it.

    And darkness is impotent, I say, because it cannot prevent light; it cannot even fight with light. The
    moment you bring a lamp into the dark room the darkness simply disappears. It never even gives a
    single fight; it is very cowardly. It cannot face light so how can it fight light? It is there, enormously
    there, when the light is not there. It looks big when the light is not present, but when the light is there
    it is simply not.

    So a very small part of human beings is conscious – and that is the misery, because the human
    mind is the only mind on the earth which is in conflict. The animals arc not in conflict, the trees
    are not in conflict, the rocks are not in conflict, because they have a unitary being. They are fullyunconscious so the duality does not exist. In a way there is great silence and great peace, but that
    peace is not worth much.

    When man becomes peaceful like a tree, it is similar in a way and not similar at all. When man
    becomes peaceful it means he becomes totally conscious, the unconsciousness disappears; again
    a new unity has arisen on a higher plane. The tree exists as a unity on a lower plane: all is dark
    and there is unity. Buddha exists on the highest plane: all is light and there is unity. And between
    those two is man – the major part of his being being pulled by the unconscious and just a small
    fragment being pulled by the conscious. That’s the conflict between god and devil. God and devil
    are just metaphors; the devil means the dark, the unconscious, the mechanical. And man is torn
    apart. Where to go?

    There is only one possibility to go beyond it, and that is to become fully conscious... because we
    cannot go back. The path simply disappears, the bridge is no more there; you cannot go back. Man
    has tried in a thousand and one ways to go back.
    That’s why alcohol is so important, that’s why drugs of all kinds from soma to LSD, have great appeal,

    because they give you a momentary feeling as if you have again become part of this nature They
    help you chemically to forget your small conscious island. Again you become the vast continent,
    one, and a certain unity and a certain organicness... and naturally there is joy!

    But it is momentary. Sooner or later you come back and you are more frustrated than ever because
    now you have known a kind of unity; now you will be more frustrated in your ordinary life. That’s
    what happens to people who are drunkards: they are happy only when they are not, when they are
    unconscious; they are unhappy when they are.

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