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    क्या शराब पीना पाप है ? जानते है क्यों ? Is it a sin to drink alcohol?

              Drinking is not a sin, I can not say it, but all the religions of the world oppose it in one breath, I do not say that I do not drink alcohol, I drink, and then it is to know why it should not be drunk. They do not talk lies, they do not talk superficial, they say that they are really deep things, one person is already unconscious, if he drinks alcohol, then doubly unconscious, this unconsciousness is not only dangerous, What Khiyega bone fainting? One sin is a pity on him. The decisions taken in the process are wrong, put the double unconsciousness on it in hell.
            Mercury, Mahavir, Geet, Mohamad, Nanak, Kabir are all telling bad things to all alcohol, why? Not because of drinking alcohol, your lever will get spoiled, and they have a lot of worry about your liver, they are not worried about your lever, your alcohol will lead you into unconsciousness, you are already unconscious, on that If one drinks sabab, then there is a hope of coming to senses, which will also go away.
           All the religions of the world hope to get you the ultimate consciousness that Buddha, Mahavir, Jaito, Mohammed, Nanak, Kabir had found. By drinking alcohol you go into deeper unconsciousness, then you can not be free, the liberation of the world is done by all the religions, then how can religion support the drinking of your alcohol?
           The biggest sin in the world is sin, it is unconsciousness, there is no greater sin, because the root of all sins is hidden in unconsciousness, sin is not possible in the senses, the greatest virtue in the world is that it is the ultimate senses, why the senses It is impossible not to be sinful, it becomes impossible for the world to play, and a kind of love begins to flow like the creature is always bathed in its infinite stream.

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