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    Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot

    Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot


    1 December 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Samvad means communion. Man is living as an island, and that’s from where all misery arises.
    Down the centuries man has been trying to live independently from existence. That is not possible
    in the very nature of things. Man can neither be independent nor dependent. Existence is a state
    of interdependence: everything depends on everything else. There is no hierarchy, nobody is lower
    and nobody is higher. Existence is a communion, an eternal love affair.
    But the idea that man has to be higher, more superior, special, creates trouble. Man has to be
    nothing: man has to dissolve into the totality of things. And when we drop all the barriers, communion

    happens, and that communion is a benediction. To be one with the whole is all. That is the very core
    of religion.

    Deva means divine, anando means bliss. Bliss is something which descends from the beyond.
    It cannot be manufactured, man cannot make it. There is no possibility ever. No technology, no
    methodology, can help man to create bliss; bliss is beyond human creativity. But still, man can
    receive it; and the whole art of being blissful is the art of being receptive. One has to be in a kind of
    let-go, then it comes. One has to be almost absent, then it pours in from all directions and fills you
    to the full – not only that, it starts overflowing in you. Happiness is human, can be created. Bliss is
    divine, cannot be created. It is always a gift from god, it is a grace; but man has forgotten how to

    He has become too much of a doer and he feels that he can do everything: he can go to the moon,
    he can make atom bombs and he can reach the secrets of nature. For the first time in the history
    of human consciousness man has fallen deeply into the dream of being a doer. He has lost track
    of something immensely valuable that can only be received. That’s why a few values are utterly

    Love is disappearing, because you cannot produce it. It happens, it is not an activity. And there can
    never be a science of love; there is no way to cause it to happen, it is not part of the world of cause
    and effect. It is something mysterious – it happens.

    But if we become too much of a doer then we are closed to that happening. Slowly slowly those
    windows, those doors, become too tightly closed and slowly slowly we forget that they ever existed.
    We have become focused on doing. The doing can do many things, but not all; and whatsoever can
    be done by man is bound to be mundane. All that is great only descends. Great poetry is not manproduced:

    man becomes a vehicle for it. Great works of art are not man-made: it is god working
    through man, man becomes possessed. Love, meditation, all that is great, all that is sacred, comes
    only from the beyond. Man is at the receiving end. And to learn it, to be alert about it, is to be a

    The sannyasin is not a doer. To be a sannyasin simply means to be in a relaxed state where the
    mind no longer functions. One is just open, with no defences; one is simply vulnerable, available.
    One has to become like a dry leaf in the wind: wherever the wind blows, the leaf goes with it. One
    has to leave oneself to the river of life; and the river is already going to the ocean, you need not
    swim. You only need to trust and let the river take you.

    This is the difference between science and religion. Science is action, religion is inaction. Science
    is doing, religion is non-doing. Science is male, religion is female. Science is aggressive, religion is
    receptive. Science tries to conquer, religion surrenders. And the miracle is that the more you try to
    conquer, the more you are at a loss, and the more you surrender, the more you are victorious.

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