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    The Shadow of the Bamboo

    The Shadow of the Bamboo

    1 April 1979 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Prem means love, elli is Hebrew; it means goddess – goddess of love. In fact God and love are
    synonymous. To be in love is to be in God. To know love is to know God. There is no other proof
    for God except love, and there is no other worship either. All other temples and churches are false,
    pseudo, except for the temple of love. But that temple already exists in the heart. We are not to
    create it. We have forgotten it, we only have to remember it. The heart awakened, the heart again
    alive, pulsating with love, is what sannyas is all about.

    The whole work here consists of helping you to get back to your heart. The society has helped you
    to go as far away as possible. The head is the farthest from the heart. The physical distance is not
    much between the heart and the head, but the spiritual distance is infinite, so much that they are
    unbridgeable. The man of the head cannot know God and the man of the heart only knows God and
    nothing else.

    So forget concepts about God – Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan. Listen to the heart, go according
    to the heart, and the heart will take you to the ultimate.

    Prem Uwe. Prem means love, uwe means wellborn – love well-born. Man comes with the potential
    of love, but it is only a potential; it has to made actual. Only when love becomes actual is it wellborn,
    otherwise it remains a seed, and the seed is not going to be fulfilled. Only when the seed disappears
    and becomes a tree, and the tree blossoms, will there be fulfillment.

    So there are two births: one is the physical birth – man is born as a seed; another is the spiritual
    birth – man is born as love, as a spirit. Sannyas is initiation into the second birth: it will make you

    Jesus says to Nicodemus: Unless you are born again you will not enter into my kingdom of God. He
    is talking about sannyas; he is talking about a revolution, a conversion. He is talking about changing

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