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    The Sacred Yes

    The Sacred Yes


    1 November 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Veet means beyond, nastiko means no – beyond no-saying. The religions in the past have been
    teaching people a kind of negative attitude. The old religions depend on the don’t: don’t do this,
    don’t do that. Their whole approach is: How to negate life? They think that by negating life they will
    be a coming closer to god, and that is just absurd. Life is god – to negate it is to negate god himself.
    One needs a great yea-saying heart. And the yes has to be so total that it can contain the no in
    itself. The light has to be so total that darkness becomes just a part in it. Life has to be so total
    that death becomes just an episode in it. And when one can say the great yes to all that is – to the
    darkness, to the light, to the agonies of life and to the ecstasies of life, to the body and to the soul,
    to the earth and to the sky – when one can say yes to all that is, it becomes a sacred yes. And my
    sannyas is based on the sacred yes. It is a totally new vision.

    No has to be dissolved into yes. The old religions were somehow suicidal. They shrank peoples’
    lives. They were escapist. They did not allow love, they did not allow relationship, they did not allow
    the multiplicity and the richness of life to be lived, to be enjoyed, to be experienced. They taught
    people to escape from life and its multiple experiences, to move to the monasteries, to renounce.
    They were based on no.

    Their whole philosophy is contained in no-saying, and the person who was very skilful in no-saying
    became a great saint in their eyes. He was just a kind of masochist, he was neurotic, but because of
    the philosophy of no, neurotics became saints; they were worshipped. They were slowly poisoning
    themselves, because when you say no you poison yourself.

    Yes is life-giving. And yes has not to be partial; it has to be total. Yes has not to be something
    against the no, otherwise it will be partial. Yes has to be so huge that it contains the no in itself. Andwhen the yes is so huge, so enormous, so infinite, that it is capable of containing its opposite, then

    it becomes a sacred yes.

    Sannyas is a sacred yes to life and att that is contained in life. And to live with this yes needs

    To live with this yes mew, that one is ready to dissolve into the existence, that the dew drop is ready
    to drop into the ocean. But the moment the dew drop drops into the ocean it also becomes the
    ocean. That is the meaning of your name: go beyond no, try to reach to the ultimate yes. That is
    prayer and that is true religion.

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