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    The Perfect Way

    The Perfect Way


    The Welcome
    3 June 1964 pm

    I see man engulfed in deep darkness. He has become like a house whose lamp has been snuffed
    out on a dark night. Something in him has been extinguished. But a lamp that has been extinguished
    can be relit.

    I see as well that man has lost all direction. He has become like a boat that has lost its way on the
    high seas. He has forgotten where he wants to go and what he wants to be. But the memory of
    what has been forgotten can be re-awakened in him.

    Although there is darkness there is no cause for despair. The deeper the darkness, the closer the
    dawn. In the offing I see a spiritual regeneration for the whole world. A new man is about to be born
    and we are in the throes of his birth. But this regeneration needs the cooperation of each of us. It is
    to happen through us and through us alone. We cannot afford to be mere spectators. We must all
    prepare for this rebirth within ourselves.

    The approach of that new day, of that dawning, will only happen if we fill ourselves with light. It is
    up to us to turn that possibility into a reality. We are all bricks of the edifice of tomorrow and we are
    the rays of light out of which the future sun will be born. We are creators not just spectators. The
    need, however, is not only for the creation of the future, it is for the creation of the present itself, it
    is for the creation of ourselves. It is by creating himself that man creates humanity. The individual
    is the component of society and both evolution and revolution can take place through him. You are
    that component.

    This is why I want to call you. I want to awaken you from your slumber. Don’t you see that your lives
    have become quite meaningless and useless, totally boring? Life has lost all meaning, all purpose.But this is natural. Without light in man’s heart there cannot be any meaning in his life. There cannot
    be any joy in his life when there is no light in his inner being.

    The fact that we find ourselves superfluous and overburdened today is not because life in itself is
    useless. Life is one endless fulfillment. But we have forgotten the path that leads to that destination,
    to that fulfillment. We simply exist and have nothing to do with life. This is not living, it is just waitingfor death. And how can waiting for death be anything but boring? How can it be a joy?

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