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    The Long, the Short and the All

    The Long, the Short and the All


    Knowledge and understanding
    Date Unknown

    YOU ASK WHAT MY MESSAGE IS? It is a brief one indeed: those who are awake are alive; those
    who are asleep miss everything.
    NO MAN IS GIVEN MANHOOD READY-MADE. He has to build it by himself. This is both a blessing

    and a bane. It is a blessing because there is always the possibility he will die without ever having
    become a man.
    MAN DOES NOT BECOME GOD BY DEVELOPING HIMSELF. If he were able to open himself fully,

    he would know he is already God himself, here and now. As I see it, the complete revelation of the
    self is the only development there is.

    forgotten our own births? Then what else can one say about a life that rests on a foundation of
    self-forgetfulness? Isn’t such a life really just a dream?
    What, if any, is the difference between dreaming and being awake? In a dream the dreamer is
    completely forgotten. The dream overwhelms him, it happens right in front of him, but he is not
    present in the dream. In fact, his absence itself is his sleep because the moment he is present he is
    neither asleep nor dreaming.

    Then what shall we call this so-called life of ours? It is certainly not wakefulness because we cannot
    remember our selves. So is it a dream too? Yes, my friend, this too is a dream. As long as there is
    insensibility towards the self, like is but an empty dream.
    GURDJIEFF HAS SAID THAT MAN IS A MACHINE. In all his activities man is nothing but a passive

    participant. His actions are unconscious, unaware. They are really reactions. A mans may love,
    hate and feel anger, but these are simply expressions of unconscious and mechanical forces at
    work within him. He is really only an agent through which nature works. He has no conscious vitality
    of his own. What we can call real life only begins when a man rises above this mechanical state of

    A young man came to see me yesterday. He asked, ”How shall I conduct my life so I will never have
    cause to repent anything in the future?”
    I replied, ”There is only one answer to your question – discover real life. What you know as life is not
    life at all.”

    For one who has not yet attained to life the question of using it correctly has no meaning whatsoever.
    Not attaining real life is to misuse life: attaining it is to use it correctly. The absence of real life causes
    the need for repentance; living an authentic life results in bliss. What can a man accomplish when
    his real life is still dormant within him?

    A man who is asleep is not one, but many. He is a crowd. Mahavira has said that man has many
    minds. It is true. Not one, but many individuals exist inside us. And a crowd cannot decide anything.
    A crowd cannot make a judgment; a crowd cannot determine anything. To accomplish anything at
    all it is imperative the soul in each one of us becomes activated, becomes awakened. We must
    become one, instead of the disorderly crowd we are at present. We must become conscious of
    our own individuality. Only then will reactions be replaced by actions. Jung has termed this the
    individual’s attainment of his center.

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