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    Sun of Consciousness

    Sun of Consciousness

    17 October 1970 am in Poona, India

    [Note: This is a translation from the Hindi Neo-Yoga Sutras, which is in the process of being edited.
    It is for research only.]

    My Beloved Ones,
    Last year, in a world conference of biologists, the president of the British Biological Association,
    Badkun(?), gave a statement. I want to begin today’s talk with that statement. He said a very
    significant thing in that statement. He said that the evolution of human life is not the addition of
    anything new to it, but the falling down of some old hindrances. In the evolution of man, nothing
    gets added, only what is hidden in man becomes manifest. Only the hindrances, in between, get put
    aside. If you compare man and animal, the man has nothing more than the animal; rather he has
    less. The hindrances that animals have, have fallen off in the man and what is dormant in animals
    has manifested in the man.

    Between a seed and its flower, the flower does not have anything more than the seed, rather it has
    less. It appears very contradictory but this is the truth. The hindrances that were in the seed, have
    dropped and the flower has manifested.

    Compared to the animals, the plants have more hindrances in them. If they fall away, the plants
    will become animals. If the hindrances of animals fall away, the animals will become man. If the
    hindrances of man drop, then whatever is left, is called God. If all hindrances drop, all that is
    dormant becomes manifest completely, then whatever name we want to give to that energy soul,
    God or anything or even if we do not want to give it a name, that will do. Man has yet hindrances
    in him and hence there is possibility of his growth. Badkun has nothing to do with spirituality but his
    statement is exactly like that; that twenty five centuries ago Buddha gave after his enlightenment.

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