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    Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

    Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries


    I belong to the whole world
    19 February 1986 pm in

    QUESTIONS FROM The Rajneesh Times, GERMANY.

    Question 1


    The first thing to be remembered: you cannot compare me to the pope. He represents Jesus Christ,
    and through Jesus Christ he represents God.
    I represent no one.
    I represent only myself.
    He is a carbon copy; I am an original.
    The whole idea that somebody else can represent the truth, the experience of somebody else, is
    basically false. Either you know the truth or you don’t know it. Those who know it will not represent
    anybody else. Those who do not know it, their representation is a lie, is a fundamental falsehood.
    They are pretending to be somebody they are not.

    The pope is infallible; I am just a human being – more fallible than anybody else, because as I see
    it, the more mistakes you commit, the more mature you become. Every error is an opportunity to
    learn. Just don’t commit the same mistake again and again – that is stupidity. But commit as manymistakes as you are capable of – don’t be afraid – because that is the only way nature allows you to
    learn. Just think of a person who has never committed a mistake. He will not have any growth, any
    maturity, any centering, any consciousness. He will be just a vegetable.

    The pope pretends to be infallible. He has to pretend it, because the logic is that he represents
    Jesus Christ: if he is fallible then Jesus Christ is fallible. Jesus Christ represents God: if he is fallible
    then God is fallible. To make God infallible you have to make Polacks infallible, for the sheer sake of
    logic – it has no existential truth in it.

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