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Hammer on the Rock


10 December 1975 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[To the leader of the Tathata group (Unconditional Acceptance Seminar)]

It has to be remembered that the leader is not, in fact, a manipulator. He should not be. If you
manipulate, then it is something from the mind, and that which comes from the mind cannot go
deeper than the mind. So the leader has to be open to the beyond.

In the beginning the mind will be there. By and by lose it so you are possessed. That’s the right word
– you are possessed. Then you are no longer there. Something greater than you, something bigger
than you, has taken possession. Then you do something, but you are not the doer; then something
happens, but you are simply a witness to it. Then the leader is lost, and once the leader is lost, the
real leader enters in. When the leader is no longer there then you become part of the group. Then
those who are being led by you are not separate; no duality exists. Once the leader is possessed,
the duality disappears. Then the teacher and the taught are one. The physician and the patient are
one. Only then, and only then, healing is possible. And it is not only that you are healing them; you
are also being healed through the process.

Until a group becomes an enrichment to the leader also, how can it be enriching to those who are
being led? Unless you grow through it, how can you help others to grow? So be possessed. And
that is one of the most difficult things, mm? The mind wants to manipulate, control, move on a fixed
pattern. You can move on a fixed pattern, but then nothing special will ever happen. People may
be helped, they may attain something through it, but the whole thing will remain on the surface, and
technological. Love will be missing. And God will not be there. So allow yourself to be possessed.
You can do this: whenever you start the group, close your eyes and allow your whole group to
surround you. Let them hold hands and start by a prayer. The prayer should be silent, just an
opening – that God should possess you and you should not in any way be manipulating or controlling others. And you withdraw, and immediately you will see an energy entering, and there will be a
tremendous change, an infinite power, inexhaustible. Allow it.

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