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    Sannyas is The Apprenticeship in Bliss
    1 August 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    [to a sannyasin returning to her husband in the West]

    Just be there and be totally there. It is not a question of where you are; the question is always of
    being total or partial. Whenever you are partial, something goes on missing. But my feeling is that
    you will be partial there too – because you could not be total here, so how can you be total there?
    Here you have been thinking of somebody who is there; there you will think of me and things that
    are here.

    Partiality is the way of the mind. The mind can never be total in anything, because to be total means
    to commit suicide; as far as the mind is concerned, it is a suicide. The mind is very clever in creating
    new fragments. You are thinking that there you will be total, but you will be there – nobody else –
    and this mind will be there – no other mind. If it cannot be total here, how can it be total there? Just
    by changing places, nothing is changed; the mind remains unaffected by changing your place. The
    mind has to be changed. If you had been total here then there would have been a possibility: you
    could have hoped to be total there too. But try. Who knows? It may happen there.

    And it is always so that whenever you are not with your lover great romantic ideas arise, and when
    you are with your lover then all simply falls flat.

    When you are not with your lover your heart is simply longing to be together, and when you are
    together suddenly you find the whole stupidity of it. What is there? All those dreams look childish.
    Then you want to be alone or you want to be somewhere else. This is the game people are playing;
    it is not simply your game. It is the general game, the game of life: whatsoever you have immediately
    loses meaning; whatsoever you have not becomes meaningful.

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