मंगलवार, 18 फ़रवरी 2014

God’s Got a Thing About you


1 September 1978 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

Deva means divine, aikanta means aloneness. Self-knowledge is possible only in deep aloneness.
Ordinarily whatever we know about ourselves is the opinion of others. They say ”You are good” and
we think we are good. They say ”You are beautiful” and we think we are beautiful. They say you are
bad or ugly... whatsoever people say about us we go on collecting. That becomes our self-identity.
It is utterly false because nobody else can know you, can know who you are, except you yourself.
Whatsoever they know are only aspects, and those aspects are very superficial. Whatsoever they
know are only momentary moods; they cannot penetrate your center. Not even your lover can
penetrate to the very core of your being. There you are utterly alone, and only there will you come
to know who you are.

People live their whole lives believing in what others say, dependent on others. That’s why people
are very afraid of others’ opinions. If they think you are bad, you become bad. If they condemn you,
you start condemning yourself. If they say that you are a sinner you start feeling guilty. Because you
have to depend on their opinions you have to continuously conform to their ideas; otherwise they
will change their opinions. This creates a slavery, a very subtle slavery. If you want to be known as
good, worthy, beautiful, intelligent, then you have to concede, you have to compromise continuously
with people on whom you are dependent.

And another problem arises. Because there are so many people, they go on feeding your mind
with different types of opinions – conflicting opinions too: one opinion contradicting another opinion.
Hence a great confusion exists inside you. One person says you are very intelligent, another person
says you are stupid – now how to decide? So you are divided. You become suspicious about
yourself, about who you are... a wavering. And the complexity is very great because there are
thousands of people around you. You come in contact with so many people and everybody is
feeding his idea into your mind. And nobody knows you, not even you yourself know, so all this
collection becomes jumbled up inside. This is a maddening situation.

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