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    Get Out of Your Own Way

    Get Out of Your Own Way


    7 April 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    [To a sannyasin, a film-producer who is returning to the States, Osho said that meditation could be
    introduced to many people through the medium of film and television....

    Books are very old media. The days for books are gone. People don’t have that much time to read,
    because reading is active; you have to do something. Television is perfectly okay. You have nothing
    to do; you simply sit and see.

    So something that is active is not going to spread very fast – rather, something that people can
    simply sit and see. And eyes are more powerful than ears. When you listen to something you tend
    to forget it, but when you see something, you remember. Seeing is the most primitive language, so
    through TV the most primitive has become the most modern.

    Children see... their language is pictorial. If you talk about mangoes, you have to show them the
    picture; the picture comes first. Through the picture they learn the word cat. By and by the picture
    is forgotten; superimposed by the word. Then we talk about a cat, never realising that there is no
    corresponding picture inside.

    Mind has become more verbal on the superficial level, but deep down it remains pictorial. If you
    think of love, you start visualising... imagination starts working. Hence the appeal of pornography
    – because you can see something. And it has been realised for centuries that the eyes are very
    potential. That’s why we say, ’Never believe a word that you have heard. But if you have seen it,
    then it is true.’ But why? Why so much preference for the eyes and not for the ears?

    Whatsoever is seen, people think is true, so TV is used by all sorts of people; because when people
    see, they believe. Seeing is believing. The moment you see, you cannot doubt – hence all the advertising that goes on. In fact TV shows are not meant for shows; they are just in between two
    advertisements. The real thing is the advertisement

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