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    Blessed Are the Ignorant

    Blessed Are the Ignorant


    If you can accept your ignorance your life will have the quality of

    4 December 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    Deva means divine, and agyana means ignorance; divine ignorance. And this has to be understood.
    All knowledge is superfluous. Knowledge as such is superfluous. And all knowledge creates only
    an illusion that we know – we don’t know. You can live with a man your whole life, and you can think
    that you know him – and you don’t know him. You can give birth to a child, and you can think you
    know him – and you don’t know him.
    And whatsoever we think we know is very illusory.

    Somebody asks, ’What is water’, and you say, ’H2O’ – you are simply playing a game. It is not
    known what water is, nor what H is nor what O is.

    You are just labelling. Then somebody asks what this H is – this hydrogen – and you go to the
    molecules, to the atoms, to the electrons... but you are again giving names. The mystery is not
    finished – the mystery is only postponed. And at the last, there is tremendous ignorance. Nobody
    knows what the electron is.

    In the beginning we did not know what the water is – now we don’t know what the electron is, so
    we have not come to any knowledge. We have played a game of naming things, labelling things,
    categorising, but life remains a mystery.

    Ignorance is so profound and so ultimate that it cannot be destroyed. And once you understand it,
    you can rest in it. It is so beautiful, it is so relaxing... because then there is nowhere to go. There is nothing to be known, because nothing can be known. Ignorance is ultimate. It is tremendous and

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