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    Be Realistic. Plan for a Miracle

    Be Realistic. Plan for a Miracle

    13 March 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

    [A sannyasin asks about his work in the West and his relationship:... it’s crazy that I should ask you
    these things... I’ve got my own mind.]

    No, you ask... that is a way of making up your mind, mm? Now you are part of me and I am as much
    involved in you as you are – even more. So don’t think that you are crazy. Just tell me. Even telling
    me will be of much help.

    I cannot decide for you, but I can help you to decide. These two things... something else? There
    must be a third thing also.

    [He answers: Well... I have a tendency to be negative, critical, low energy... ]

    Mm mm... because that third is the most basic, and these two are coming out of it.
    If you feel a basic low energy, then you cannot make any decision. That is the problem for a low
    energy person, mm? You cannot decide – you go on thinking and thinking and wavering your whole
    life. But remember one thing – whether you decide or not, a decision is continuously being taken.
    Even if you can’t decide – that too is a decision.

    For example, if you don’t decide to leave this woman, you are deciding to be with her. The other
    is also as much a decision. Sometimes for a low energy person, the decision that looks like a
    no-decision becomes the only decision in life.

    So what I will suggest is that you don’t think that you have to change your profession.
    Rather than think whether you have to do it, decide whether you are to remain a dentist. Do you
    want to remain a dentist? Don’t decide the other thing... decide this.

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